Do I Need A Party-wall Document For An Extension

Do I Need A Party-wall Document For An Extension

Do I Need A Party-wall Document For An Extension

There are guides available for all the queries and gives the answers regarding permissions related to party-wall there are Party-wall mediator and for it there are also wall experts too. They also tell about when we need a party-wall document and for it following points are considered as follows

*The party-wall is the shared wall between terrace or semi-detached house and it divides the homes of 2 separate owners.
*While in the home, party-wall documents are most commonly required for building works.
*The party-wall document also includes garden walls which are built over the boundary and excavations which are close to the neigh-bour’s party.
For obtaining the permission the Party-wall mediator work on it and it includes following procedure:
*Before the starting of party-wall construction the home or building owner needs a written party-wall document from all the adjoining neigh-bour or owners.
* For starting of this process the homeowner will have to serve or send a party-wall notice to the neigh-bours in writing about the planned work of party-wall.

How to serve a party-wall notice:
The process of serving the notice can be done free by following appropriate standardized forms by a party-wall expert. Then a letter of acknowledgement is required for neigh-bour to complete it and give it. The home owner is required to give two months written notice on building works or can also give one month notice for excavation. Once the notice is served the homeowner can start work. Once the notice is received, the neigh-bour has 14 days time to respond and after that there may be 3 possible outcomes which are as follows:

*There can be chances of neigh-bour giving their assent in writingand if there is any problem provided by the homeowner. In this type of such straightforward cases, in this matter there is no need of party-wall expert or party-wall award. The homeowner may take dated pictures of party-wall and can get agreed written notes of any cracks with copies of the both. A expert can be appointed for assessing and preparing the schedule for minimizing the risk of disputes.

*If neigh-bours do not respond within 14 days then it is automatically considered that this is neigh-bourdissentment. When neigh-bour dissents, a party-wall is required. In case neigh-bour dissents then following procedures are followed:

#Bothneigh-bour and home owner can appoint one agreed expert and within 10 days he can give an impartial decision which may suit to both of them.

#There should be agreed expert who must be independent and impartial and homeowner must not must not use the same expert for his own works otherwise neigh-bours may be affected.

Thus proper planning of project will surely maintain good relations and thus there will be no disputes.

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